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Unidirectional DRY WOVEN BORON

The primary preform for boron fiber sales is a unidirectional tape preimpregnated with epoxy resin. For customers who require a dry woven preform for wet lay-ups, such as resin transfer molding, we offer the option of a dry woven product.

Since boron is a large diameter monofilament, it cannot be woven with itself in a 2-D configuration like carbon fiber can.  Consequently, our boron fiber preform is produced as a 1-D parallel array of boron fiber in the fabric’s fill direction that is cross woven with a polyester fiber yarn.  The warp direction polyester is used just to hold the boron in a unidirectional array, and does not provide any mechanical properties in that direction.  This preform is nominally 50 inches in the boron fiber fill direction and continuous in the warp (polyester) direction.  It is woven with 200 boron filaments-per-inch and 5 polyester yarns-per-inch.  This preform can be cut to desired dimensions.


Dry Woven Boron Fabric
Boron Fiber

Boron Fiber Properties
Boron Prepreg Tape
Boron Prepreg Properties
Hy-Bor® Prepreg Tape
Hy-Bor® Prepreg Tape Properties
Boron Compression Strength Analysis
Hy-Bor® Fiber Count and Compression Strength
Compression Strength After Impact for Hy-Bor®
Hy-Bor® Properties vs Standard Preforms
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