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SCS-Ultra™ silicon carbide fiber, a 1M psi tensile strength fiber was developed to meet the most demanding applications for aerospace materials. In the mid-1990s, turbine engine manufacturers wanted a fiber that could withstand the fabrication conditions of titanium aluminde to make a composite for use in rotating engine parts. Using its own resources, SMI developed SCS-Ultra™, a fiber with very fine silicon caribde crystallites (200 nm or less) that is 50% stronger and 10% stiffer than SCS-6 fiber and is stable at temperatures above 2500 deg F. Several high temperature titanium aluminide composite turbine engine parts were successfully developed using SCS-Ultra™ as the fiber reinforcement.

In addition to its outstanding effectiveness in titanium aluminide composites, SCS-Ultra™ is also extremely effective as a reinforcement for ceramic matrix composites. NASA Glenn Research Center has concluded that the most critical determinant for the high-temperature thermo-structural performance of a ceramic matrix composite is its creep-rupture strength, which in turn is highly dependent upon the creep resistance of the fiber.  NASA has found that the most creep-rupture resistant fiber at high temperatures is the SCS-Ultra™ manufactured by Specialty Materials, Inc.

You can learn more about the use of SCS-Ultra™ in ceramic matrix composites here.

  • Produced primarily in 3-mil diameter
  • Beta silicon carbide on (33μm) carbon monofilament
  • Smooth surface with duplex SiC/C coating
  • Finer grain size results in the highest strength and modulus
  • Designed for use in titanium aluminide metal-matrix composites
  • Most creep-rupture resistant fiber for use in ceramic-matrix composites
  • Surface texture not optimum for interface with resin matrices

SCS Silicon Carbide Fiber
SCS Silicon Carbide Fiber Properties
SCS Silicon Carbide Fiber Technical Presentation
Testing of SCS-6 Fibers
Carbon Monofilament

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