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Both our Boron fiber and SCS Silicon Carbide fiber are large diameter monofilaments. Thus they are uniquely different from most textile fibers which are fine diameter textile products. Boron fiber’s primary advantages include a combination of high strength and high modulus mechanical properties in both tension and compression applications. In compression, unidirectional boron composite stress-strain curves are linear-to-failure (400,000 psi failing stress) and exhibit a modulus of 30 million psi.

Because our fibers have such large diameters, our prepreg tapes are only unidirectional. Our hybrid prepreg, Hy-Bor®combines the best qualities of boron fiber and carbon fiber to offer an exceptional carbon fiber alternative.

SCS Silicon Carbide fiber is uniquely suited to handle the high temperature consolidation conditions of titanium and ceramic matrix composites. Specialty Materials is currently producing over 6,000 lbs. annually of SCS Silicon Carbide fiber, and can rapidly expand production to meet the continuing increasing demand for this product.

Specialty Materials has developed a very high purity boron nanopowder for conversion to MgB2 for superconducting applications. We are currently producing small batches on a regular basis as we progress from pilot plant to full scale production.

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