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Specialty Materials, Inc. has been making boron and silicon carbide fibers for a number of years. In fact, boron fiber is one of the original high performance synthetic fibers used for structural applications. It has found applications in aircraft, space, sporting goods and industrial applications. Despite this history, there are many people out there who are unfamiliar with boron fiber, and are unsure where, how, or why they would use it.

We have put together the following matrix which lists current applications for our products. It includes the properties that make the application attractive, and the specific benefits for each particular application. We have also included applications for our newest product, boron nanopowder which was developed through our expertise in chemical vapor deposition (CVD) technology.

F-15 & F-14 stabilizers B/5505 over Al honeycomb core High compression strength and stiffness Reduced weight
Predator B UAV (spar caps) Hy-Bor (B4-MR-40/NCT301) High compression strength and stiffness Reduced plies & weight
Ease of manufactruing
Apex UAV Gliders Woven B / RTM High torsional stiffness Improved flight window
Gliders Anti-flutter
Golf shafts, hockey sticks, fly fishing rods, bicycle frames Hy-Bor B/5521 High compression strength and stiffness & high compression strength after impact Reduced breakage feel
TERM - KE penetrator Hy-Bor High compression strength and stiffness Lower wall thickness & less weight
Optical space benches B/Cyanate esters Desired CTE and low CME & High compression stiffness Moisture-free component & stable platform
Grand Prix race cars Hy-Bor High compression stiffness Improved aerofoil design & less weight
Aircraft repair B/5521 High compression strength and stiffness, desired CTE, high resistivity Improved durability & life, no galvanic corrosion, ease of repair (no rivets)
Nuclear reactors B fiber Low atomic number Neutron absorption and nuclear shielding
Composite applications in general B fiber Large monofilament & nodular surface for ease of bonding Stiffness
MRI, telecommunications, super magnets Boron nanopowder Superconductivity Higher current density,
telecommunications, higher normal state electrical conductivity,
super magnets,no silver jacket
CMC's, TMC's SCS fibers High stregth & stiffness, high thermal stability Large diameter & Consistency
Medical electrodes Carbon monofilament Large monofilament Large diameter & consistency

Hopefully, these applications will generate some new ideas as to how to use or products. Should you already have an application for our product that you would like to see added to our matrix, we would be happy to do so. Send us your ideas to info@specmaterials.com


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