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Combining Specialty Materials' boron fiber with carbon prepreg, Hy-Bor® is a high-performance material with exceptional properties that offers a great carbon fiber alternative. Our standard Hy-Bor® product utilizes Mitsubishi Rayon’s MR-40 carbon fiber and NCT301 250°F-cure epoxy resin and our 4-mil diameter boron fiber. However, Hy-Bor® can be manufactured to incorporate any commercially available carbon prepreg. By altering the spacing of the boron fiber in the prepreg, performance properties and material costs can be tailored to meet the needs of a variety of demanding applications.

  • Hy-Bor® is a hybrid-fiber preform of boron fiber and commercially-available carbon prepreg
  • Boron can be added in full-count (208 fpi) or reduced counts (principally 100 fpi)
  • Nominal cured ply thickness increases to 0.0065-in. (full-count) or 0.005-in. (100 fpi)
  • Increased flexural and compression properties
  • Improved open-hole compression strength
  • Reduced carbon ply-count can be achieved in compression-critical designs
  • Properties are tailorable with varying boron fiber count and carbon prepreg configurations
  • Cure cycle information is provided under the USE & SAFETY TAB

Boron Fiber

Boron Fiber Properties
Boron Prepreg Tape
Boron Prepreg Properties
Hy-Bor® Prepreg Tape Properties
Hy-Bor® Properties vs Standard Preforms
Boron Compression Strength Analysis
Hy-Bor® Fiber Count and Compression Strength
Compression Strength After Impact for Hy-Bor®
Unidirectional Dry Woven Boron
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