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One of the areas of extensive R&D effort over the past 20 years is the application of fiber reinforced composites in gas turbine engines for aircraft. Although resin matrix composites have begun to find application in the low temperature fan sections of these engines, there is a tremendous opportunity for weight reduction in higher temperature sections of these structures. The use of silicon carbide fiber reinforced titanium, commonly known as TMC, has been the primary composite candidate for both static and rotating components for mid-range temperature environments. The benefits of this material system include high strength-to-weight ratio and elevated temperature strength and stiffness.

Specialty Material’s SCS-6 continuous silicon carbide filament continues to be the world’s leading silicon carbide fiber choice for TMC material systems. SCS-6 offers a combination of high strength and modulus and produces a composite with a density that is 15% less than titanium alloy. Because it is produced on a carbon core and has tailored outer coatings to inhibit degradation of its properties during high temperature processing conditions required for the titanium compositing conditions, SCS-6 – based titanium composites have excellent retention of their properties in elevated temperature service. Candidate applications for gas turbine engines include such components as nozzle actuation links, rotating shafts, reinforced airfoils, bladed-rings (BLINGS) and others, some of which could utilize SCS-Ultra™ in place of SCS-6 as the preferred fiber reinforcement.

Another material system being developed for gas turbine engine components which could include the use of SCS-Ultra™ fiber is ceramic matrix composites.

If you are interested in SCS-6TM filament for gas turbine engine, or other TMC applications, contact
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