Specialty Materials, Inc.

Specialty Materials, Inc.

BORON Prepreg Tape

Standard Preforms

  • Type 5505 (350ºF cure) epoxy resin prepreg tape (4.0 or 5.6-mil fiber) 50 vol.% boron fiber (208 fpi); 0.0051-in. ply thickness (4.0-mil fiber)
  • Type 5521F (250ºF cure) epoxy resin prepreg (4.0 or 5.6-mil fiber) 6-in. wide one-step tape Laminated resin films and scrim cloth with creeled fibers are collimated at 208/inch (4-mil) or 152/inch (5.6-mil)
  • Type 5521 (250ºF cure) epoxy resin prepreg tape (4.0 or 5.6-mil fiber) two-step tape in various widths is produced from initial ¼-inch width tape stock
  • Custom Preforms - SMI will consider orders for specialty boron tape configurations
  • Cure cycle information is provided under the USE & SAFETY TAB
Boron Fiber Properties
Prepreg Properties
Hy-Bor® Prepreg Tape
Hy-Bor® Prepreg Tape Properties
Hy-Bor® Properties vs Standard Preforms
Boron Compression Strength Analysis
Hy-Bor® Fiber Count and Compression Strength
Compression Strength After Impact for Hy-Bor®
Unidirectional Dry Woven Boron
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