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It is difficult to compare the compressive strength of fibers in the same way that one might compare the tensile strength of fibers, so the approach here is to compare the compressive strength of unidirectional composites based on different fibers. To learn more about a novel approach to compression strength testing, click here for Boron Compression Strength Test .

The charts in this analysis compare Boron products to other unidirectional products, in terms of compression strength. The charts start with “Compression Strength” comparison first, which shows materials that can pack the most compressive strength into a confined space, the higher the better. Then the “Specific Compression Strength” is compared, showing the relative ability of a material to hold a compressive load with the lowest weight, again, the higher the better.

There is simply no alternative to Boron fiber when designs require high compressive strength combined with space and weight constraints. Click below for the pdf version of this paper:

Boron Compression Strength Analysis

Boron Fiber

Boron Fiber Properties
Boron Prepreg Tape
Boron Prepreg Properties
Hy-Bor® Prepreg Tape Properties
Hy-Bor® Properties vs Standard Preforms
Hy-Bor® Fiber Count and Compression Strength
Compression Strength After Impact for Hy-Bor®
Unidirectional Dry Woven Boron
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